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Practice Areas

Commercial & Civil Ligitation

NLO attorneys inform the client of all possible solutions including out-of-court dispute resolution.

Banking & Finance Law

NLO handle complex cases in the banking and financial sector in Lebanon.

Corporate & Commercial Law

Our lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience advising local and international clients…

Mediation & Arbitration

International commercial agreements require great knowledge in arbitration laws where parties…

Real-Estate Law

We provide clients with professional and expert legal advice concerning real estate…

Labor Law

We are well equipped to deal with cases regarding the breach of employment agreements.

Family Law

We deal with a wide range of personal status matters whether related to individuals, family or marital relationships.

Mergers & Acquisition

We advise our clients on merger and acquisition transactions, we also assist them in drafting the related documents such as letter of intent…

Debt recovery

NLO provide a full set of legal services in terms of debt recovery.



International rights of the child

Lebanon has ratified the UN convention on the rights of the child which is widely reflected in the national law.

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