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Our Values

Client interests are our primary consideration

As lawyers, we have an obligation to do our best efforts to defend our clients’ interests, our law offices are result-oriented and we put our clients’ interests above all considerations while abiding by the law. Additionally, we ensure to understand our client’s needs and aims, and more specifically to understand the client’s business in order to offer the best legal solution while maintaining the development and growth of the business.


We have a culture of ethics and respect, it applies to our relationships with clients, their lawyers & representatives as well as other people and entities we deal with while performing our legal services.








Collaboration and support

We ensure that our colleagues receive the necessary mentoring and support and encourage them to think outside the box to reach the best possible outcome for our clients. Motivation and collaboration play an important role in performing our legal services.







We are transparent with our clients specifically when it comes to (i) fees and expenses and (ii) professional legal advice and follow up. We communicate frequently with the client & inform her/him about the progress of her/his file, we also inform the client of the main challenges and take into consideration her/his opinions in the decision-making process.


We are flexible with our clients specifically by (i) acting swiftly and effectively in unpredictable situations which necessitate fast intervention and (ii) maintaining open communication with clients in ways that are familiar to them taking into consideration their cultural and academic backgrounds.



Diversity and inclusion

Our colleagues come from different backgrounds resulting in more creativity and innovative ideas. Our policy is to collaborate & work with colleagues from different backgrounds; such policy not only benefits clients but can also help with the rhetoric of diversity and inclusion.




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